Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is an ancient concept now gaining newfound popularity and respect among both alternative and conventional medicine. Recent scientific studies document the efficacy of working directly with the body’s energy field to facilitate healing many forms of dis-ease. I am a practitioner of a variety of energy medicine practices. Depending on the wants and needs of my clients, I use combinations of many techniques, including sound vibration, crystal and stones, earth medicine and energy healing.

All profound healing happens on an energetic level.

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Life Coaching

I am a Certified Professional Coach who uses my education, life experiences and intuition to help individuals and families deepen their connection to self, others, outward success and inner peace since 2006. I am very skilled at helping clients “see the forest for the trees” in their relationships with themselves and others. I coach my clients in discovering their deepest fears, passions and desires to consciously and emotionally create and lead a full life. Together, we explore obstacles in the life path and find solutions from within. Since 2006, I have transformed the lives and relationships of many satisfied clients.

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Horse Assisted Personal Development

Horses are sentient beings that carry much information for us. They are able to sense and show us things about ourselves we did not previously understand. With my guidance, clients learn to tune in and listen. Sessions and groups with the horses help people heal, grow strong through times of transition, and find their lives’ purpose(s).

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Ritual and ceremony are an important part of our journey as spiritual beings. Ceremonies provide us with a sense of closing a chapter and opening to something new. They help us express our deepest thoughts and feelings about important life events, often with participation or witnessing by our community of friends and family. In order for rituals to move us spiritually, they must be meaningful to us, a creation of something very personal and real. 

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Make Time For Transformation

If you would like a private healing session or coaching please take advantage of my online schedule option. If you would like to talk with me before scheduling please feel free to call 843.343.8956

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