Couples Full Moon Shamanic Journey

Couples Full Moon Shamanic Journey

This will be a very meaningful “date night”!

* Are there repetitive things that keep coming up in your marriage or partnership with another?
* Are you wanting to take your relationship to the next level?
* Would you like to know how to best support your partner?

We will find answers to these and other questions you may have in this evening of Shamanic Journeying. You will come together share with each other, relax and enjoy a beautiful night in nature and experience the amazing energy of an authentic tipi.

What is a Shamanic Journey?

Shamanic journeying is much like meditation or guided visual meditation. It is an easily learned ancient practice used all over the world in many cultures. The Shamanic drumbeat helps your body go to the alpha state much more quickly so you can achieve better results.  

I will share the basic shamanic journey technique taught by core Shamanism. We will experience two journeys. The first will be to practice visiting the non-ordinary reality that is available to all of us and see who/what shows up to help us on the “main” journey. The main journey will have the intention of looking and asking for what is waiting dormant in you, yet ready to shine bright.

This experience is for anyone who feels called! No prior experience necessary!

The cost is $75/couple. If the cost is stoping you from joining us please choose an amount that feels comfortable to your budget and send to to hold your spot in Tipi. Space is limited.

When: Saturday November 4th 7pm

Where: 253 Ole Sunshines Trail Huger, SC 29450

More Info Call: 843 343 8956


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October 24, 2017

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