Learn how to create and use crystal grids.

In this 2 hour workshop we will explore the energy of stones, crystals and minerals and how to use in the form of a grid. You will leave class with your personal grid.

What grids can be used for:

  • Manifesting
  • Intention setting
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Life force energy

I will be teaching you my intuitive way of learning what the stones are meant to be used for and how to layout your grid. This is my unique way of doing this and can only be taught in person. I have developed this technique over years of study and experience with the energy of stones/crystals/minerals.

During the class we will learn:

  • How to open to the energy of the stones
  • How to develop your intuition
  • How to choose stones for your personal intention
  • How to lay out the stones in the grid
  • How to activate the grid
  • And what ever else the stones have in store for us!

*Extra Bonus* This class will be held in my tipi which is a magical space to connect with earth medicine/stone medicine. It will support your ability to learn these teachings in an enhanced way.

Space is limited so if you are interested in this, hold your sacred space by paying via the link below.

Looking forward to this!

Price for class and your personal grid that you will take home with you