Full Moon Shamanic Journey

Full Moon Shamanic Journey

Shamanic journeying is much like meditation or guided visual meditation. It is an ancient practice used all over the world in many cultures. The Shamanic drumbeat helps your body go to the alpha state much more quickly so you can achieve better results.

When: Friday April 22 @ 7:00pmKBL_5643

Where: 253 Ole Sunshines Trail Huger, SC 29450

What are the results of Shamanic journeying?

  • gain clarity
  • energetic healing
  • meet guides & totem animals
  • gain wisdom
  • stress relief

This is the ONLY Full Moon Journey offered this season. I do not offer these through the summer, so if your thinking about it…do it now! You will learn the basics and practice 2 journeys. If you are an experienced journeyer; great, you will add so much to the experience, so please join us! Something that will truly add to your experience is being in my sacred space Tipi located in the Francis Marion National Forest – Huger, South Carolina. A short distance from anywhere in the Charleston area. The Tipi in and of itself has a magical quality that represents transformation, healing, freedom, flow and grounding.

This workshop is taught by Tracy Liebmann, who has been practicing shamanic journeying for years, works with earth medicine and is a healer and coach since 2006.

Space is limited. To reserve your spot please pay via Paypal link below. If you have questions call or text 843 343 8956 ~ Thanks!



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April 13, 2016

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