Horse Assisted Personal Development

Experience horse medicine

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Experience the heart of a horse and change your life forever!

I am a professional life coach, certified energy practitioner and horsewoman bringing equine therapy to a new dimension here in Charleston. You may have heard of horses being used with dis-abled or special needs children and adults, but you probably do not know that anyone can benefit from working with horses as a way to personal enlightenment.

I’ve combined my years of experience as a personal development coach, energy healing and in-depth study of horses into a unique and effective technique that integrates mind, body and spirit of both horse and human together, bringing clarity and immediate results. My compassionate, intuitive, and cutting-edge approach gives clients access to their deepest level of truth, power, and ability to live with passion and purpose!

The horses are our guides because they are masters at reflecting our true nature back to us. Because horses are prey animals, they have highly evolved intuitive abilities. They can sense things in us that we are unaware of and are powerful teachers in showing us the lessons we would benefit from learning. If we stay open, watch, and listen carefully, we will learn much from these wonderful creatures!

All sessions are performed safely and easily from the ground.

When I first heard about Tracy and her transformational work with horses, I was reminded of this fear I had around horses. I wasn’t sure where this fear came from as I was only around horses one other time and nothing horrible happened. I thought maybe I had some past life issues going on and I was eager to find out. That wasn’t the case. In fact, these amazing beings demonstrated and brought up some of my greatest fears. I knew horses were very spiritual, but their ability to bring out what we need to work on left me awestruck. As Tracy guided one of her horses to work with me, all of a sudden the horse turned its back to me and walked away. I can’t even describe the depth of the emotions I felt at that time. Tracy helped me process through these emotions and started my process of healing. I now believe my greatest fear wasn’t the horses themselves, but their ability to “see” right through us and reveal what we might not want to admit. If you’re looking for a powerful, spiritual experience, I highly recommend Tracy’s transformative work with horses. So much can be revealed in just a moment’s time and more can be expressed without even uttering a single word. Valerie Herald