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This is where it all starts! A deep connection and understanding of ourselves is key to healthy relationships and thus to a fulfilling life. Often, people seek help because of what is happening in their outer world. Things aren’t going quite the way they had envisioned, and they’ve looked outside themselves for the reasons they are feeling hopeless but have been unable to create transformation. Time for a change. In my view, looking outward for answers actually disempowers. It is looking within that empowers to create deep, lasting, fulfilling change.Life coaching Charleston SC or via phone and/or skype.

What is Life Coaching?

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  • Empowers clients to move forward in a positive direction
  • Looks deeply at the underlying causes of emotional pain
  • Unravels energy stuck in the past
  • Brings self-forgiveness and freedom
  • Creates connection to the soul’s purpose
  • Sheds light on outdated belief systems
  • Heals trauma to eliminate drama ;-)

How do we accomplish together?

  • We get to the root of the issue(s)
  • We re-program the patterns that have been causing the issue(s) to linger
  • We release resentment
  • We embrace forgiveness
  • We learn new positive messages to replace the old negative ones
  • We release, renew and replenish our spirit

You may be wondering why the above statements begin with “we.” Life coaching is a journey of spirit, and you are never alone. If you decide to give yourself this incredible gift of learning, growing and healing, I will be right there with you, holding your hand in spirit…every step of the way. While we are working together, you will have 24/7 access to me via email, and if you are having an important moment that needs support in between our sessions together, just call and I will coordinate time to support you.

I realize you probably need to get to know me a little better before you dive into this transformational experience, so feel free to send me an email, or even give me a call, and we will set up a time to chat (at no cost, of course). I would never hire a coach or a counselor of any sort without first talking with them, and you shouldn’t either!

My simple fee schedule is – $110/hour or a block of 4 sessions $380

There are many convenient ways to work with me. I offer office sessions locally in Mt. Pleasant and Huger, SC. Phone or Skype sessions are also very popular with local and global clients.

For references, or to speak with me before booking the first session, simply send an email or call.

There is a schedule now button to the right, feel free to either make your first 1 hour appointment or choose the get acquainted session for a time to chat at no charge.

I was so lucky (fated?) to meet Tracy Leibmann 8 years ago when i attended her sessions at a conference. To say that since then, Tracy has transformed my family seems not like an exaggeration but an understatement. My marriage, my parenting and mySELF have all “blossomed” with her combination of “nutrients” (exploration of feelings, beliefs and relationships) and “sunshine” (her always loving approach). My husband and I have discussed what our life might have been like had we not met and hired Tracy. The possibilities were impossible to consider…just so very happy that we did. I make it sound like magic and it isn’t, it’s hard work that Tracy is just very, very good at coaching people through. Spending money on ourselves for life coaching is something we can put off forever…but it will cost us dearly in years of addiction, unhappiness, disconnect or unresolved pain. I’m not sure it’s humanly possible to recommend someone any more strongly than i just did, and i mean it 100%.


Wife and Mother of 4

I always enjoyed the time I spent talking to Tracy. She is easy to talk to and a fabulous listener! Sometimes I speak “a mile a minute” and Tracy would not only keep up, but when I finally slowed down for a breath, she often had some wonderful insight to share. There is something very healing about having someone really listen to you, without judgment and with presence. I found her feedback to be both validating and thought provoking.
When I first began to talk to Tracy, I really needed someone to be there for me. We all give so much to our families and those around us. Talking to Tracy, every other week, was something special that I did for myself. I always looked forward to it and was amazed at how fast the time would fly.
Tracy is intuitive and knowledgeable. She really helped me to acknowledge some “truths” in my life that I had a sense of, but was not quit able to see clearly. She really helped me to get in touch with and trust my own internal guidance and instincts.
No one of us is perfect. I have spent years reading and researching and reaching out to various sources for guidance on my journey towards self-growth and fulfillment as a mom, and a wife and a person. Tracy was a key step in this journey. She is so accepting of where you are right now. She helped me to love and accept myself where I am, growing and yet imperfect, loving yet at times uncertain. Tracy really helped me to regain my confidence in my innate goodness.
I highly recommend Tracy as a life coach and resource for “transforming” yourself and your family.”


Wife and Mother of 2

Working with Tracy has been life changing for me. She has awakened my ability to tap into my divine self, which has transformed the way I interact and perceive others, especially my wife and children. I have subsequently gained a greater understanding of my wife and the energy in our home is shifting towards being constantly positive and full of love. This change has taken place in just a few short months and the work is ongoing. I am excited to see what else is possible. All I had to do was open my mind and heart and Tracy took it from there. She has been an amazing coach and guide and I am eternally grateful!


Husband & Father of 2

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