Spiritual Weddings

Create your own unique spiritual wedding ceremony

Marriage is a deeply spiritual bond, one intended to last forever. Committing to your life partner in marriage is one of the most important life experiences for many. Make your ceremony as special and personal as the bond between the two of you.

Wedding ceremony services include:

  • Fully customized ceremony planned through short phone consults and unlimited email correspondence
  • A meeting to finalize ceremony plans
  • Pre-ceremony couple’s life coaching session to express and understand each other’s needs and dreams as well as jump-starting great communication techniques
  • A rehearsal
  • Officiating at your wedding
  • Filing copies of signed marriage license with the county probate office within 15 days of marriage

My custom wedding ceremony officiant fee for all above services is  $400

Please note: It is the responsibility of the parties getting married to secure their marriage license prior to the wedding day. The information you need can be found here.

Vow Renewal

Celebrate your lives together by renewing your vows

Many couples choose vow renewal ceremonies, while others don’t always understand the reason for re-committing to marriage and partner. Whether you have been married 20 years or just two, you understand that in the time since your wedding, you have both changed and grown. You’ve been through and are going through inevitable ups and downs. Throughout both your joys and challenges, you have a life worth celebrating! The question isn’t why renew your vows; it’s why NOT do it? The vow renewal ceremony is an opportunity to express gratitude for the past and receive blessings for the future. It can be just the two of you or with friends and family to witness and share in the joy of who you both have become and the relationship you share.

Vow renewal ceremony services include:

Creating something truly special to commemorate all those years you have shared together

Working with each couple individually to create a ceremony that represents your lives together

Fees range from $150 to $400 depending on your needs.

Baby Blessing

Celebrate your expanded family with a baby blessing

Of all life’s rituals, the birth of a new baby or the entrance of a new child into our lives through adoption is the most spiritual. A baby is the closest we will come to spirit in the physical.

Welcome your children with the reverence they deserve and celebrate your new journey as their family.

Every baby is different, every family is different, and each of the ceremonies is different

Baby blessing ceremony services include:

  • Creating a spiritual ceremony together to welcome your baby into the family and community
  • Together along with spiritual/intuitive guidance, designing a truly meaningful ceremony to honor the incarnation of this soul as your baby

Ideas that may be included are:

  • Mother and father sharing their hearts’ and souls’ message to the baby, witnessed by family and friends
  • The merging of the family members’ energy via smudging ceremony
  • A community-made mandala for you to keep, with intentions for the baby’s well-being.
  • Sharing a message directly from the baby’s soul to the family
  • Transformation of any past energy between mother, father, siblings and baby that enables the renewed energy of the present moment to rise to prominence.

Fees range from $150 to $400 depending on your needs.