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Tracy Liebmann

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I have always been a highly sensitive and intuitive person. Growing up in an alcoholic home, I learned very early on how to “read people”; this skill was part of my survival mechanism and served me well. I seemed to intuit things many others where oblivious to. I still have this ability and though it came from struggle, this knowing is now a great asset in my work.

Another result of growing up in this environment was the need to be self-sufficient, so I took the most obvious route into secure adulthood: I went to college and got a good job in my field. I quickly found out that the path I’d chosen was unfulfilling. At 25, looking for avenues to fulfill my life’s purpose and make a difference, I decided to become a teacher. I loved working with the children, and I loved learning and teaching new things, yet that’s where it stopped. I couldn’t make a real difference as I found that the system of school is broken, as are many of our systems. After I had my first child in 1995, I stopped teaching in that capacity and the real learning started.

Having children changed me profoundly. The first major shift was an opening to looking at my own childhood, how it affected me, and what I wanted to change about myself as a product of those circumstances. It was hard, excruciating to be honest, to look at everything clearly and make the changes necessary for me to be the mother and person I wanted to be. In other words, as I cared for my small children the way I believe everyone should be cared for, I went on my own personal journey of healing and transformation. This journey has brought me to who I am today. Along the way, I have studied and learned from some great therapists and healers. All these experiences have been important learning for me in some way.

Today I enjoy the hard work required to grow and change, as the life I have created is filled with joy, freedom, and love, as well as inevitable sorrow. One of the main lessons I have learned is that life is about having it all: all the emotions, all the ups and downs. We are here to learn, and life is what brings the lessons. I now embrace the fact that I will not always be on cloud nine even though I have done much spiritual work and personal healing. I do my best to find the light within the shadow both in my own life and with my clients. I use all I have learned about energy, psychology, transformation and healing with every client I see.

In order to live my life’s purpose of teaching, healing and supporting others, I first had to do the same for myself. I am not saying I’m finished. The journey continues. I hope to meet you along the path.

My Credentials

 1994 – Masters Applied Teaching

2006 – Certified Professional Life Coach

2011 – Certified Reiki Practitioner

2012 – Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

2018 - SoulLodge Earth Medicine School Graduate Level 1 & 2