Healing Services


Energy Healing

We are energy. Everything is energy.      

There is energy and there are messages in all of creation. All you have to do it become aware and listen to utilize the powerful healing that comes from these sources. The word medicine means the presence and power embodied in or demonstrated by a person, a place, an event, an object, or a natural phenomenon. In some cultures, the word for medicine may connote spirit, power, energy, or mystic potency.

Over the years I have developed my own personal style of healing. It combines energy psychology and energy medicine and is a very individual experience. What I do with my clients is very experiential, meaning each experience is different; there is no one model I repeat each time. I am lead, I listen, and I trust! If you are here reading, you were lead here for a reason. Trust in that.

The information I share here is for the purpose of connection. I’m able to describe what I do in general, but energy medicine can truly only be expressed and understood through experience.

Below are answers to common questions.

What type of energy work do you do?

I have been trained in many modalities from reiki to shamanism. I prefer to use the phrase “energy medicine,” which encompasses a variety of modalities to suit each individual experience. I have many tools in my toolbox, which include but are not limited to:

Sound and Light Healing – using the frequency or vibration from a certain sound or color.

Infinite Reconnection Healing – which is where I work directly in the energy field.

Earth Medicine Healing – which would include using crystals, stones, feathers, anything found in nature.

What kinds of things do I help people with?


Life Purpose

Trauma Release

Connection to Self


Past life knowledge and healing

What Can I Expect?

You will experience anything from a very relaxing healing session to a mind blowing “what just happened here” experience! The intention is always for energy medicine to be safe, comfortable and for your highest good. You just lie down fully clothed and comfortably under a blanket on my massage table and close your eyes. You may see colors or feel things happening or you may just fall asleep. It is always perfect and just what you needed! The sessions usually last 1 to 1 1/2 hours including discussion before and after. Fees $110/hour or $150 11/2 hours

What is earth medicine?

Earth medicine uses the connection between different frequencies to release and balance the human energy field, allowing us to live here, live now, connected to all that there is. There is air to breathe deep and cleanse away our fears. There is ground to sink into and feel our roots to the center of creation. Earth medicine uses both the physical and spiritual energy of everything: crystals, stones, feathers, sound, nature and animals to transform the energies that no longer serve us. That is earth medicine, and that is what I practice.


Horse Medicine

Horse Zen Around ~ Horses Enlightening Humans

Experience the heart of a horse and change your life forever!

I am a professional life coach, certified energy practitioner and horsewoman bringing equine therapy to a new dimension here in Charleston. You may have heard of horses being used with dis-abled or special needs children and adults, but you probably do not know that anyone can benefit from working with horses as a way to personal enlightenment.

I’ve combined my years of experience as a personal development coach, energy healing and in-depth study of horses into a unique and effective technique that integrates mind, body and spirit of both horse and human together, bringing clarity and immediate results. My compassionate, intuitive, and cutting-edge approach gives clients access to their deepest level of truth, power, and ability to live with passion and purpose!

The horses are our guides because they are masters at reflecting our true nature back to us. Because horses are prey animals, they have highly evolved intuitive abilities. They can sense things in us that we are unaware of and are powerful teachers in showing us the lessons we would benefit from learning. If we stay open, watch, and listen carefully, we will learn much from these wonderful creatures!

All sessions are performed safely and easily from the ground.